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Wide range of Wall and Casing Seals -
littel screw tightening, best fitting accuracy
sgm wall and casing seals DG guarantee an absolute air and water tight sealing of the annular space between carrier pipe and casing or between carrier pipe and wall aperture (i.e. wall sleeve).
The specific advantages of the sgm wall and casing seals are:
  • quick and simple installation
  • sealing of all kinds of pipes
  • positive hydrostatic sealing up to 2 bar
  • electrical insulation between the pipes (cathodic protection)
  • absorpiton of vibrations, shocks and sounds
  • increases the stability of the carrier pipe
The sgm system in its range and flexibility constitutes the ideal solution for nearly all applications.
sgm - many dimensions - secure sealing
wall and casing seal
wall and casing seal
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